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28 Points Of Comparison Between 1970s America And America Today

If you could go back and live in America during the 1970s would you do it Has the United States become a better place to live over the past 40 years or have things gotten worse Without a doubt there are arguments cover samsung galaxy j5 prezzo that can be made both ways. For example, who really wants to go back to a time when you actually had to a phone or rewind a cassette tape in order to find your favorite song On the other hand, wouldn it be nice to live at a time when virtually everyone could find a good job, when television was not so filthy and when you didn have to worry about locking your front door at night Some would say that we have come a long way in 40 years. Others lament how far we have fallen. So what do you think Read over the 28 points of comparison between 1970s America and America today posted below and then share your opinion cover samsung a5 2017 clear view by leaving a comment at the end of the article In the 1970s we had Disco. Today, we have Justin Bieber and Katy Perry.

2. In custodia tablet samsung 10.1 n8000 the 1970s we had Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter. Today, we have Barack Obama.

3. In the custodia samsung s7 edge trasparente 1970s, Americans fell in love with stupid fads such as mood rings, lava ebay custodia iphone 8 lamps custodia cover samsung s20 1 and pet rocks. Today, we have twerking, crocs, wedge sneakers and pajama jeans.

4. In 1970, a gallon of gasoline cost 36 cents. Today, the average price for a gallon of gasoline is about $3.27.

5. custodia a libro samsung s7 edge In the 1970s we still had rotary phones. Today, we have iPhones.

6. In the 1970s, presidents were tapping custodia cover iphone 6 6s plus the phones of their enemies. Today, custodia cover iphone 11 pro the government is cover samsung j5 head case recording all of our calls. In fact, the NSA intercepts and permanently stores close to 2 billion emails and phone calls every single day.

7. In the 1970s, gum chewing and talking in class were some of the major disciplinary problems in our cover samsung galaxy j6 2018 amazon schools. Today, many of our public schools have been equipped with metal detectors because violence has become so bad.

8. In the 1970s, you could sit down and watch television with your children in the evenings without being too concerned about what they were about to see. Today, not so much.

9. In the custodia cover samsung note 10 early 1970s, Pong was the hottest video game in America. In the late 1970s, Space Invaders took America by storm. Today, the video games have become so incredibly advanced and so extremely entertaining that video game addiction has become a major problem.

10. In the 1970s, most of the products in our stores were made in America and we barely conducted any trade with China. Today, it seems like almost everything we buy has in China stamped on it and our yearly trade deficit with China is now about 300 billion dollars.

11. In 1973, the United States was 2 in GDP per capita. Today, the United States is 13 in GDP per capita.

12. In 1970, the average woman had her first child when she was 21.4 years old. Now the average woman has cover samsung s4 mini silicone trasparente her first child when she is 25.6 years old.

13. In the 1970s, the rate for men in their libro custodia stampato samsung galaxy a3 2015 prime working years (25 to 54) was less than 6 percent. Today, it is up close to 12 percent.

14. For most of the 1970s, the average duration of unemployment was less than 15 weeks. Today, it is more than 37 weeks.

15. In the 1970s, Star Wars was released. It is still far cover samsung s5 alluminio superior to any movie that has come out so far this year.

16. In the 1970s, redistribution of wealth was considered to be something that communists did. government.

17. In 1970, about 18 million Americans had manufacturing jobs. Today, about 12 million Americans have manufacturing jobs even though our population has grown far larger.

18. In the 1970s, many Americans regularly left their cars and the front doors of their homes unlocked at night. Today, many Americans live with steel bars on their windows and gun sales are at record highs.

19. Consumer samsung galaxy a5 2017 custodia debt in the United States has risen by a whopping 1700% since 1971, and today 46% of all Americans carry a credit card balance from month to month.

20. Constitution. government.

21. banking industry assets. banking industry assets.

22. 40 percent of all workers in the United States actually make less than what a full time minimum wage worker made back in 1968.

23. In 1977, Elvis was found dead. middle class is dying.

24. Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps. Today, about one out of every 6 Americans is on food stamps.

25. In 1979, Sony introduced the Walkman. When you wanted custodia samsung a20 to listen to a particular song, you had to rewind your tape to find it. Today, everyone has iPods and it takes just seconds to sort through thousands of songs.

26. In the 1970s, the United States loaned more money to the rest of the world than anybody else. Today, the United States owes more money to custodia samsung tab s 10.5 the rest of the world than anybody else. custodia cover huawei p8 lite It is shaking the world of Bible cover samsung j5 2016 silicone 3d patatine prophecy to the core, and it is being called one of the most controversial Christian books of 2016. If you would like to check it out, you cover samsung s5 a specchio can find it right here…

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