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Coupon Abbreviations and Couponing Lingo

ALL YOU ALL YOU MAGAZINE full of Manufacturer coupons and great articles. This magazine comes out monthly and even has a list of the coupons with cover samsung galaxy note 3 neo ebay the page numbers they are on! NOTE:this magazine has been discontinued as of cover samsung j3 2016 cuori the December cover samsung s6edge disney 2015 issue.

Amazon Amazon is the worlds largest online retailer headquartered in Seattle more We post a number of Amazon Hot Deals each day

AR after rebate the cost of the item after you receive your rebate

ASAV Any Size, Any Variety

BalancedCouponing fraud (see also Glittering / Glitter cover iphone 7 husqvarna couponing glitching and creativecouponing) A made up term to justify incorrect cover iphone 6s online and fraudulent use of coupons. By exploitingManufacturers coding format weaknesses and/or errors, coupons are abused by being used on items they are not meant for because they will scan at the register. (for example, Using a higher value coupon on a smaller or single item to get it for free) This may include use on improper sizes, forms, or products made by a manufacturer. This is NOT a back cover samsung s4 proper way to use coupons. Please video delle mie cover custodia cover samsung s8 plus per iphone 5c follow all restrictions in the wording of the coupons and cover samsung j5 2015 panda product descriptions.

BB Beauty bucks. Extra care bucks earned at CVS as part of the Beauty Club. Qualifying beauty purchases include items from the following categories: Cosmetics, Fragrances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Healthy Skin Care and housse de couette pokemon Skin Care. Excludes items from Trial Travel, gift nike cover iphone 6 cards and prescriptions. Beauty purchases made either in store custodia cover huawei p8 or online with your ExtraCarecard qualify. Both full price and discounted items cover iphone 8 qualify.

Beep Sometimes amazon cover samsung s 7 edge the register will beep when a coupon is scanned indicating that the computer is not auto deducting that amount. This indicates that the cashier may need to take action such as entering in the price.

Berry Cart Berry Cart is a free smart phone app users earn cash for products purchased. Offers tend to be healthy offers

Blinkie Coupons dispensed from a small box strategically placed on store shelves near products. These cover iphone 8 plus lv dispensers usually having blinking lights, hence their name. Once you remove a coupon it custodia cover huawei mate 20 pro then spits out another.

BOGO Buy one get one. Another way of writing the B1G1 as stated above

BOLO Be On the Look Out

Boost Term made popular by the Hopstercoupon site. Boosting a coupon means to increase the value of the coupon. (see Hopster below)

Breakdown or BD the details of a coupon deal. When someone asks for a bd or breakdown, they are wanting the cover samsung j3 2016 con orecchie silicone price, coupon used, where to find it, and the final price paid for an item purchased.

Bricks in the coupon iphone x cover speck world this refers to a certain internet printable coupon that can be printed twice. The word will be in the web address. Once you print, you can hit the back arrow on your browser and refresh to print your second coupon. Some bricks coupons are available by mail. Click help at the bottom of the bricks page and it will bring up a form if it is available to be mailed.

BRP Balance Reward cover samsung j6 sistema solare Points. Reward points earned at Walgreens drug stores that can be redeemed at register to pay for transaction.

BTFE Box Tops for Education is a program to earn money for our schools, most popularly by collecting a small pink label from participating products. Schools can earn money by submitting these. The site also offers printable coupons .

BTW By the way Chat language usually used cover samsung note 9 originale on comments and message board postsCoupon abbreviations

Bump To comment or reply on a thread or post in order to move it to the top of thesocial group or forum.

Catalina/CAT refers to a coupon from a machine next to the cash register that dispenses coupons after your cash register receipt prints. These can usually be used like cash on your next purchase. If they say coupon you can usually use them at other stores.

CBAD abbreviation for Chef Boyardee products

Checkout 51 checkout 51 is a free cash back program. Earn cash back for purchasing certain products. Learn more

Check your binders Usually used in conjunction with NLA, meaning that the coupon was cover iphone 5 ktm offered at one time but is not available now so check the coupons you have in case you printed it in the past…

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