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The Huawei P30 Pro is the photography king of 2019 (so Flip Cover for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 64GB far). With four cameras and a massive arsenal of advanced features, it’s flashy enough to make you forget about Huawei’s other flagship, the six month old Mate 20 Pro.

Huawei P30 Pro review: A phone with superpowers

The Mate 20 Pro has almost the same features as the P30 Pro, except for Le migliori cover e custodie per iPhone XR the super advanced camera. On paper, the newer phone should comfortably win, but the Mate 20 Pro could be the better choice for most people due to one simple reason: it’s cheaper.

Let’s begin our Huawei P30 Pro vs Mate 20 Pro comparison.

The big pictureThe mediaworld cover samsung s3 neo Mate 20 Pro Apple iPhone 6 / 6s AMG C43 Acrylic and P30 Pro are Huawei’s latest flagship phones. Released every fall, phones in the Mate series tend to offer the best performance and the latest technology from Huawei. Effectively, the Mate is Huawei’s White APPLE iPhone 6 iPhone 6S 106195 answer to the Galaxy Note. The P series, meanwhile, is designed to counter the Galaxy S line, neon flip cover samsung a8 2018 with Cover IPhone 6/6S PURO in 93100 one big twist a strong focus on photography. Phones in the P series are typically For Apple iPhone 6 6S/6S Plus Hybrid built on the same platform as the previous year’s Mate.158 x 73.4 x 8.4mm192g

Mate 20 Pro

157.8 x 72.3 x 8.6mm189g

P series phones used to be smaller than Mates, but the trend towards larger screens cover samsung galaxy s3 ebay disney has chipped away at the difference. This year, the P30 Pro eclipsed the size of the Mate 20 Pro, which itself is quite a handful. On a side note, if you can’t stand large phones the Huawei P30 may provide some relief, though you won’t get quite all the bells and whistles from the P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro.

The P30 Pro is a millimeter wider than the Mate 20 Pro, and you can actually feel it. I find the Mate 20 Pro to be easier to hold and handle. Its top and bottom edges are pleasingly tapered. The P30 Pro’s bottom is much flatter, so it doesn’t sit as comfortably in the hand.

The Mate 20 Pro feels nicer in the hand, but the P30 Pro arguably looks nicer

Both phones feature notches, but they couldn’t be more different. The Mate 20 Pro’s notch is wide and packed with sensors. The P30 Pro goes the minimalist cover samsung a5 2017 trovaprezzi route and it’s an improvement, in my opinion. Visually, the small “water drop” notch is less intrusive and it doesn’t mess with the status bar as much. All your icons are in their “usual” place, which is not the case with the Mate 20 Pro’s cramped status bar.

The P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro both look like Galaxy phones a bit, thanks cover samsung galaxy tab 3 lite ebay to their curved display edges, but there’s no mistaking them for any other phone if you look at the large, flashy camera modules for iPhone 7 Waterproof Case YMCCOOL Underwater Cover Protective on their backs.

The Mate 20 Pro feels cover samsung s5 bmw nicer in the hand, but the P30 Pro arguably looks nicer thanks to its stunning color options. The most striking is the fiery orange Sunrise, but I also really liked the Aurora model (pictured). The darker Twilight colorway Top 5 Best cover iphone 6s apple to on the Mate 20 Pro is still beautiful, but maybe not as fresh looking.

One more note on usability: iphone 6 6S 6Splus Silicone custodia the power button and volume rocker are a little too close together on the Mate 20 Pro, resulting in accidental presses. Huawei has addressed this small problem on the P30 Pro.

The displays on the Huawei P30 Pro and cover samsung rex 90 Mate 20 Pro are about the same size, but the Mate features higher resolution. That’s according to the spec sheet; in real life, the Mate 20 Pro runs in Full HD+ by default in order to save battery life. That’s the same resolution as the P30 Puro Plasma Cover (iPhone 6/6S) au Pro, and you’ll have to look very closely to see a difference cover samsung con batteria in sharpness between the cover samsung 4 amazon two.

I did notice a difference in the two panels’ color balance. The Mate 20 Pro’s screen is ever so slightly warmer and more yellowish than the P30 Pro. You can tweak both phones’ displays to your liking from the display settings.

The in display fingerprint sensor cover samsung galaxy tab pro sm-t325 on the Mate 20 Pro is hit iPhone 6 – White with Small Black Text and miss. It works correctly about 70 percent of the amazon cover samsung advance time. On the P30 Pro, the sensor is placed lower on the screen, and it’s also slightly cover samsung galaxy s3 gt i9300 China Dots Waterproof Cover Case for iPhone5S – China Dots larger and faster. Star lord designer cover for iphone 6 I found it to be more reliable, cover samsung core prime a libro but iPhone 6S Soft IPhone7: le migliori cover per proteggerlo dalle cadute Libero TPU Transparent Back it’s still not as solid cover samsung galaxy a5 italia as Funda IPhone 5 migliori cover iPhone XS Max 8Plus custodias Hybrid Armor a standard reader. The Mate 20 Pro scores a point iPhone 6 Gold Designer Housing For Sale here thanks to its laser based face custodia Back cover Black Migliori cover per iPhone XR gennaio 2019 la nostra classifica APPLE iPhone 6 unlock system. It’s faster and more reliable than the P30 Pro’s camera based version. That’s not surprising: both phones feature the same processor and memory, and very similar software. Modern high end devices rarely have any performance issues to speak of, anyway.

Battery life is excellent on both the Huawei P30 Pro and the Mate 20 Pro. With both, you’re getting 7 to 9 hours of screen on time. In my experience, I had slightly better screen on time on prezzi cover samsung j5 the P30 Pro, though you could chalk up the disparity to different usage patterns.

Battery life is excellent on both the Huawei USAMS Apple iPhone 6 PC Back Cover custodia P3o Pro and the Mate 20 Pro.

The two video cover samsung galaxy s6 phones have identically sized batteries and the same functionality. The highlight is, without doubt, the very fast charging. Using the bundled charger and cable, you can replenish the battery up to 70 percent in just 30 minutes. It’s truly impressive.

Both phones have reverse wireless charging, which can be useful for emergency situations or when you need to charge up small gadgets like wireless earbuds or smartwatches. It works with any Qi enabled device, but it’s very slow. Don’t rely on it for anything critical….

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