PT. Mitra Integrasi Komputindo on 5 (five) pillars of services for related market and industries.

Digital Transaction Services

MIK’s Digital Transaction Services provides Providing complete centralized business application such as digital payment solution, merchant transaction services ,mobile payment transactions, micro finance transaction, and others.

In the years serving the banking & financial industries, MIK has created its own products and delivered comprehensive and powerfull packaged products to the market. Products like SentraPay (an Integrated Bill Payment), SentraRemittance (an Integrated Remittance System) and SentraSID (an Automated Credit Checking) prove MIK’s commitment in delivering best practices and values to customers.

In order to provide long-term true value to customers and remain competitive with other alternatives, MIK makes use of standards and virtual technology, and provide new value-add service offerings. MIK also works with global partners to bring the best practices and values to customers.

MIK also offers end-to-end of customized business technology solutions and packaged products implementation by implementing established best practices and methodologies in software development life cycle (application development) recommended by many leading organizations. MIK continues to explore established and emerging concept & practices that are still in the stage of development in research organizations.

MIK’s System Integration Services has a very strong focus on serving the banking and financial services industries, mostly on the electronic banking application, delivery channels and electronic payment processing solution. Our services being supported by experiences and qualified resources with guarantee of high quality delivery, project management, banking technical consultant, delivery team and post project support.

MIK provides flexible business model which help customers reduce capital investment but still can use our services and grow the business. MIK providing Managed Services since 1998. As a Managed Services provider, MIK’s offering enables customers to outsource certain corporate function management or operational work/tasks. Such services could support customer corporate strategy for a better and improved operation effectiveness and efficiency at predefined cost while still meeting its deliverables service level.

MIK provides a flexible business model for engaging into a Managed Services contract. A typical contract would include a defined SLA (Service Level Agreement) for a set of to-be-provided services scope. The SLA will be agreed between MIK as a Managed Services Provider and Customer. Customer usually pays a fixed monthly fee within a defined period (e.g. for 5 years).

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