Since 1998, MIK has professional services to provide banking industry with System Integration, eLearning & Managed Services to meet our customer’s objective and recognize the dynamic of the industry. For banks, MIK has its own exceptional line of products such as SentraSID, SentraRemittance and SentraPay.


MIK provides range of services to insurance industries to promote the effective agent’s by eLearning, certification and continuous professional development solutions. From system integration and managed services, MIK promotes Software as a Service for the insurance core system to the insurance companies.


Since 2005, MIK has made contributes to multifinance industry by providing range of eLearning services. MIK provides the eLearning blueprint and roadmap, eContent development, change management and eLearning total implementation to multifinance companies in Indonesia.

Public Sectors

With experience and skills gained over the years in delivering IT Product and Professional Services, MIK has expanded its services to other industry sectors, such as to government, higher learning education public sectors, heavy equipment, and pharmaceutical industries .